As highlighted before, education and advice is at the heart of everything that ICS does, ultimately focusing on helping individuals achieve long term financial security through education and advice.

ICS aims to increase financial awareness and to educate members about financial matters by:

  1. Running group (including stokvels and investment clubs) presentation sessions for members tackling a series of financial matters;
  2. Giving members information, appropriate financial planning tools and relevant educational content to assist them with their financial planning needs;
  3. Giving members access to dedicated advice centres where they can get appropriate financial planning advice;
  4. Having dedicated and suitably qualified financial planning consultants assigned to assist members;
  5. Providing members with personalised information about their financial situation to prompt appropriate action.

Examples of financial planning topics available are:

  • The basics of long term financial planning and budgeting;
  • How to maximise the probability of achieving long term financial security;
  • Financial Basics;
  • Investing for your retirement;
  • Options available on leaving your employer;
  • Planning for your approaching retirement;
  • Annuity options on retirement;
  • Estates, wills, trusts and nomination of beneficiary forms;
  • Providing for your family’s needs in the event of your death;
  • Compulsory and discretionary savings products and;
  • Short term insurance

In order to make the ICS training program relevant and to ensure that it meets its goals, a key on-going part of the program is the research of member behaviour patterns, such as retirement and preservation decisions in order to continuously gain insight into individual behaviour.