The aim of retirement fund investment regulation is to ensure that the savings South Africans contributed towards their retirement is invested in a prudent manner that not only protects the retirement fund member, but is channeled in ways that achieve economic development and growth.

To this end, the Pension Funds Act has stipulated prudential investment guidelines that all pension funds in South Africa will have observe, via Regulation 28. The Regulation 28 guidelines are specified from the asset class level (e.g. equity, bonds and cash) down to the individual counter level within each of the asset classes specified. The level limits also vary according to the size of the fund in question. These guidelines must be adhered to at all times and funds must perform due diligence in this regard, to ensure that the fund doesn’t sit with excessive risk.

The adherence to the limits must not only be at fund level, but at a member level as well.

Inkunzi Wealth Group Covers the following:

  1. Group Life Assurance (GLA)
  2. Accidental Death Benefit
  3. Spouse’s Death Benefits
  4. Family Benefits
  5. Income Protection Benefits (IPP)
  6. Income Protection Plan (IPP)
  7. Capital Disability and Impairment
  8. Contribution and Premium Waiver
  9. Foundation & Progressive Education
  10. Dread Disease
  11. Health Premium Waiver