Fund trustees need to observe a high level of accountability for all activities involved in the running of the fund, as they can be held personally liable for negligent investment decisions.

The challenge with the role is further complicated by the developments in financial markets that have increased asset sensitivity over time, particularly after the financial crisis of 2008.

This increased risk in investment markets requires a higher level of sophistication from individual trustees. The training of trustees and maintenance of this knowledge over time is the only plausible response to the trustee task.

To this end, ICS has structured introductory training material that focuses only on investment related tasks of the board of trustees. The administration related functions of the board aren’t covered in this training but there are courses recommended for such purposes. Lastly, an in depth training course is also recommended post this introductory investment related trustee training course.

Topics covered include:

  1. Types of funds
  2. Retirement fund structure
  3. Investment assets
  4. Investment returns (includes GIPS Compliancy)
  5. Investment risk
  6. Pension fund regulation environment
  7. Role of a trustee
  8. Industry role players
  9. UNPRI and CRISA (includes SRI)
  10. Governance
  11. In-fund living annuity (post retirement)