We offer managed, advisory and online trading accounts that allow investors to trade in any number of different securities across the globe.

These accounts give our clients the ability to trade Equities, ETF’s, and derivatives traded in the form of CFD’s. There are three different types of accounts that we offer our clients.

In an industry where the client doesn’t know any better, even despite the Treating Customers Fairly regulatory framework, we pride ourselves with the fiduciary responsibility to our clients, of making sure we trade their capital as if it were our own. We also exercise strict control over staff trading accounts, making sure that we do not trade ahead of clients, or against our clients. We also never follow the front pages of daily publications, opting to use the Inkunzi Investment Institute to help us generate some fundamental research on shares we are interested in investing in. Through a consistent risk management process, we have been able to limit downside losses to our discretionary portfolios.

We understand that financial markets offer extraordinary opportunities for the creation of wealth, and we understand that with these extraordinary opportunities comes a certain amount of risk. It is our duty to manage the risk involved with investing in financial securities in such a manner that justifies the trust that was placed in us by our clients. Therefore we strive to provide our clients with stable, consistent returns without exposing them to unwarranted risks.