We realise that different individuals have different needs in trading. We have therefore created three categories of solutions that will help you decide how we can assist you in achieving your stock market investment goals. The underlying backbone of our trading practice is that clients should find it very easy to understand what we have done for them, and must feel comfortable that they have been paired with a solution that talks to their needs.


We create and manage a portfolio for you. We take responsibility for managing the account and taking trade opportunities when they present themselves, in order to provide our clients with stable and consistent returns. Clients are charged a management fee of 1% and a performance fee of 20% of profits based on the higher watermark principle.


We give you well researched advice and assist you in trading your portfolio. We hold your hand, we trade with you and we guide you and help you. Clients who prefer to talk to us regularly and have us execute their trades, give them information and research, offer opinion and be a partner to them in the markets are catered for with our advisory accounts. To clients who have these accounts we are always available on the other side of the phone. We’ll call you to ensure that your orders are in the market, we’ll watch levels for you and let you know when they are reached or breached. We really trade with you. Clients are also given access to an online trading forum where they will be able to interact with other clients, our traders and receive trading ideas and research. These clients are charged 0.40% brokerage fees on CFD trades and 0.70% on Equity trades.


We provide a convenient online platform for you. These accounts are for the more seasoned traders who do not want to interact with us as much. Many traders and investors would prefer not to have to speak to a broker each time they want to take a trade. We cater for these traders and investors by providing them with access to an online forum in which they can communicate and interact with other traders and clients, receive trading ideas and research, get daily market commentary and views from our desk, and have limited access to our traders. These clients are charged 0.25% brokerage fees on CFD trades and 0.42% on Equity trades.