Community building through sport

We have adopted the stance that as a business, we must be in touch with the communities we operate in. We have selected a few exciting disciplines where we can add value, after two long years of soul searching we have decided to major in two areas, which is sports and personal financial education. We have partnered with a Soweto community that uses the Arthur Ashe Tennis Courts in Jabulani to set up the Inkunzi Wealth Group Soweto Challenge, a tournament aimed at helping raise funds for the annual running of the facility, which will hopefully someday result in the discovery of the next Kevin Anderson or Roger Federer. We will sponsor smaller monthly tournaments, to help the participants, mostly high school students, get more practice. We continue to seek partnerships which will help us make the work we have adopted here much easy to carry out.

Financial literacy

We have also realized the big gap between good investment advice and the people that need it the most. We may not be able to change the mindsets of the current crop of potential investors, but we could in future through immediate interventions, improve the chances of the younger generation viewing their investments differently.

We have therefore partnered with the JSE to run a competition for both high schools and universities, with the aim of getting the students to start grasping the basics of financial markets and how investments work. Interested schools are welcome to contact us in order to participate here. We also do give investment advice and financial wellness sessions to stokvels, NPOs, and any entities that need our assistance in this regards.

We are also currently investigating guidelines for our business which will map out what we view as “Socially Responsible Advice”, which will ensure that we see beyond our clients’ investment needs, but we carry the responsibility of helping them improve their lives in other aspects as well. We aim to use this work as a building platform for a future global citizen on the African continent.